01 June, 2017

Customer Review

Good afternoon,


On behalf of PJSC "B&N BANK", we want to express our gratitude to the company Alliance Factors Ltd, for the training.

We wish to note the professional skills of teachers and the approach to the learning process.

Convenience of the location of the training center and the time of courses, as well as the schedule of training courses and competently selected intervals between breaks. Information is given in parts, based on the topic of the course, with the necessary pauses without information overload. The courses consider additional questions, rather than what is provided by the course, with special attention to detail, for a deeper understanding of the material.

You can always ask additional questions based on your own architecture, consult on the mechanisms for implementing one or another functional.

Get additional information and see the presentation of related products and solutions for the SWIFT application. Learn ways to optimize business processes and financial benefits using SWIFT technologies.


Especially we want to note professional skills of teachers - Vyaznik Andrey and Levina Svetlana:

·         Competent compilation of educational material and the form of its presentation to the listeners.

·         Individual approach to each student, based on the architecture of the technical implementation of a particular Bank, as well as the skills of students, relying on their level of knowledge.

·         Huge experience of technical support and implementation of various complexity of tasks, which are also divided into courses. Providing answers to all questions of interest related to maintenance, technical implementation and optimization of SWIFT complexes.

We also want to mention courses that we would recommend to everyone who wants to understand the technology of SWIFT and the community as a whole:

·         SWIFT Audit Guidelines.

·         Understanding FIN & the System messages.

·         Managing Public Key Infrastructore.

·         Managing Alliance Gateway.

·         Deploying Alliance Access.

After the training, the SWIFT complexes were optimized. Fixed bugs accompanied by technical implementation, removed vulnerabilities, correct settings for SWIFT components.

Technical improvements and corrections were made using standard SWIFT mechanisms, which previously lacked information.



Best regards,



01 June, 2017

Customer Review