INTIX Message Warehouse

Key functionalities:

  • Contains all functions of the INTIX Message Archive module
  • Out-of-the-box integration packs available for SWIFTAlliance, AMH and Lite2
  • Turn your big messaging data into valuable information
  • Customizable and dynamic dashboards on all your messaging data
  • Aggregated reports with export function (Excel & Pdf)
  • Providing valuable insight in all your messaging data
  • Summarize your activity in analytical dashboards

Some use cases:

  • SWIFT Archive reporting (SAA Archive upload)
  • Provide better business insight
  • Strategic decision making
  • Performance monitoring
  • Optimize your correspondent network
  • Risk management
  • Provide insight in messaging flows and costs
  • Analyze your currency flows in volume and value
  • Cross-charge more effectively

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