Collateral Management

SmartStream’s TLM Collateral Management reduces collateral management credit and operational risks via an end-to-end, automated solution for market participants of all sizes.

The solution is an integral component of SmartStream’s TLM platform servicing downstream liquidity and control. The solution is able to take advantage of SmartStream’s global reconciliations and exception management solutions, as well as being available as an integral part of the Reference Data Utility. The TLM platform architecture offers a wide range of deployment options.

TLM Collateral Management delivers:

  • Anticipation and mitigation of operational risk and credit risk - allows risk officers and collateral managers to proactively plan risk mitigation strategies
  • Helps reduce regulatory capital - apply the benefits of collateral in ways that can lower regulatory capital charges
  • Powerful intuitive interface - enhances risk-informed decision making by presenting clear and logical paths for users
  • Comprehensive and flexible data management – automated data capture and analysis to help meet the diverse needs of multiple collateral management programs
  • Streamlined back office workflow – automation of key tasks associated with margin call processing, including data capture, validation, calculation and processing
  • Collateral optimisation – enables automated selection of collateral assets to enhance automation and reduce funding costs
  • Interaction with regulators - such as Dodd-Frank, EMIR and Basel III, who require banks to manage capital reserves and collateral when entering derivatives trades

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