Corporate Actions Processing

Replacing manually intensive corporate actions processing with automated exception based workflows provides enhanced risk management and control of back office costs. Corporate actions can be highly complex and as volumes continue to rise, manually based processes represent a greater risk to the institution.

TLM Corporate Actions software delivers:

  • Full compliance with evolving data standards
  • Increased clarity and predictability across the entire corporate actions event management process
  • Enhanced operational risk control through a unique integrated lifecycle approach and diary interface, eliminating manual intervention and reducing the possibility of a single point of processing failure
  • Improved predictability across the entire corporate actions event management process, providing control from data capture to settlement, enabling more effective position monitoring
  • More cost-effective operations through the elimination of manual processes and more efficient use of back office resources
  • Lowered risk exposure through real-time identification of exceptions and workflow-based resolution of errors
  • A reliable Golden Record through the rapid capture, cleansing and distribution of data, regardless of source or format
  • More accurate calculation of entitlements, generating the correct transactions to create more efficient and proactive operations  

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