Joining SWIFT process in 5 steps

With your SWIFT connection implemented and tested to your satisfaction, you will be assigned a go-live date in accordance with your planning and the SWIFT activation dates calendar. On that date, you will be able to start setting up business relationships and sending live messages.

SWIFT connection types

Key aspects of every financial institution are: high quality customer services reduce operational costs and manage risks effectively. To improve these components financial institutions all over the world use unified systems and, in particular, SWIFT – to standardize their operations. 

SWIFT software products

SWIFT’s market leading messaging interface, allows banks and market infrastructures to connect to SWIFT. With over 2,000 installations around the world, and a track record of more than 20 years, Alliance Access offers high performance and resilience.  Alliance Access is highly scalable and can meet your needs, no matter how large your messaging volumes become. The interface is supported on Windows, Linux and UNIX (AIX and SUN) and uses our browser-based Alliance Web Platform SE as its default graphical user interface framework. Alliance Access enables customers to connect to SWIFT via single or multiple destinations with maximum automation of system management tasks. The most recent mandatory release is Access 7.0. Alliance Access can be used as a single window to FIN, InterAct and FileAct messaging services.

SWIFT user categories

As a condition precedent to using SWIFT's messaging services, an organisation must be registered as an authorised SWIFT user under one of the SWIFT user categories. SWIFT has defined a number of SWIFT user categories. In addition, the eligibility criteria are complemented by applicable local rules and regulations from the nation of the applicant. Any organisation that wishes to apply for SWIFT usership must comply and ensure continued compliance with these eligibility criteria and local applicable rules and regulations.

SWIFT and Corporates

With active connection to the SWIFT network a Corporate has an opportunity of use SWIFT standardised financial messages trusted and used globally. SWIFT messages cover all business operations: from customer credit transfers, account statements to forex and securities operations. Using standardised messages with banks allows to simplify business processes, and also to operate cash flows and other assets more effectively.


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