Step 1: Prepare a set of legal documents

The set depends on your SWIFT user category. Based on the data provided, SWIFT Board of Directors will initiate checks to verify whether your company is eligible to become a SWIFT user.

Step 2: Choose your connection type

For new users there are three variants available: private connectivity; SWIFT cloud solutions; shared infrastructure.

Step 3: Fill in SWIFT Undertaking and other forms

Based on the chosen connection type, you will be provided with a roadmap with set of drafted forms to be filled and deadlines to follow.

Step 4: Test and implement your connection type

You will need to implement and install your chosen connectivity and interface products. We can also assist with the on-site installation and configuration. You will then be able to test your connection.

We also recommend to participate in SWIFT authorized courses to use the most of your SWIFT membership.

Step 5: Go live

With your SWIFT connection implemented and tested to your satisfaction, you will be assigned a go-live date in accordance with your planning and the SWIFT activation dates calendar. On that date, you will be able to start setting up business relationships and sending live messages.

Activation in SWIFT Network occurs every first Saturday of the month. For Alliance Lite2 users there is a weekly activation timeframe.


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