SWIFT Messaging software

Alliance Access

SWIFT’s market leading messaging interface, allows banks and market infrastructures to connect to SWIFT. With over 2,000 installations around the world, and a track record of more than 20 years, Alliance Access offers high performance and resilience.  Alliance Access is highly scalable and can meet your needs, no matter how large your messaging volumes become. The interface is supported on Windows, Linux and UNIX (AIX and SUN) and uses our browser-based Alliance Web Platform SE as its default graphical user interface framework. Alliance Access enables customers to connect to SWIFT via single or multiple destinations with maximum automation of system management tasks. The most recent mandatory release is Access 7.0. Alliance Access can be used as a single window to FIN, InterAct and FileAct messaging services.

Alliance Entry

A simplified version of Alliance Access, Alliance Entry is a lightweight messaging interface for banks and market infrastructures. Alliance Entry provides basic messaging for the transfer of information between business applications and SWIFT. Hosted and run on your premises, Alliance Entry allows you to connect to SWIFT via a single destination in order to send and receive financial messages. The interface has a condensed feature set which requires minimal system maintenance – allowing you to focus on your core business. The interface can accommodate MT and MX message standards, and mandatory release Access 7.0 also supports the exchange of files via FileAct. The interface is supported on Windows only and with the most recent mandatory Release 7.0, Alliance Entry uses our browser-based Alliance Web Platform SE as its default graphical user interface framework.

Below a brief overview of Alliance Access and Alliance Entry functionality:

Alliance Access

Alliance Entry

Powerful and flexible routing

Simple routing functionality

The operators can be grouped into many logical units to define the scope of the messages visibility.

All operators belong to one logical unit

These operations could be scheduled to perform automatically.

Operations “Secure Login and Select” and “Open / close Emission / Reception profiles” can be performed only in manual mode.

There are no such license limitations.

License limitation is not more than 1000 messages per day (sent and received).

Several destinations are supported with message segregation between destinations.

Only one destination is supported.

Number of concurrent operators: 640.

Number of concurrent operators: 20.

Supported platforms: Windows, RHEL, Solaris, AIX

Supported platforms: Windows only

Adapters to connect with external applications: Automated File Transfer, SOAP, MQHA.

Adapters to connect with external applications: only Automated File Transfer.

Support external plugins with Alliance Developer Toolkit from third-party developers.

Not supported external plugins from third-party developers.

Supports all functionality:

  • Direct FileAct
  • Database Recovery          
  • SWIFT Integration Layer
  • Sanctions Connector

Not supported:

  • Direct FileAct
  • Database Recovery
  • SWIFT Integration Layer
  • Sanctions Connector        

Support external database

External database is not supported

SWIFT cloud solutions

Alliance Lite2

Alliance Lite2 provides a cloud based connection to the SWIFT network and related applications and services. Suitable for manual as well as for automated flows, Alliance Lite2 supports the volume requirements of most

new SWIFT users – from a few transactions per month, up to 10,000 messages per day. It is subscription based, with little upfront investment and no costly or complicated infrastructure to maintain. Alliance Lite2 supports all SWIFT message types (MT and MX) and SWIFTNet flows, letting you exchange FIN and InterAct messages and FileAct files. Both automated and manual message entry are available, adding flexibility in line with your business requirements. In addition to messaging, Alliance Lite2 also provides access to Browse services offered over SWIFTNet by many financial institutions and market infrastructures. Alliance Lite2 is easy to use. All you need is a standard PC or laptop with Internet Explorer browser, a connection to the SWIFT network (either via one of our Alliance Connect products or an internet connection), and the secure Alliance Lite2 USB token provided by SWIFT.

Alliance Lite2 setup services make it easy to get connected and start using SWIFT.  Service setup includes a requirements assessment, solution design, customized configuration to your specific needs, end-to-end project management, remote installation, test message exchange, a personalised hands-on tutorial, as well as a basic ‘Passport to SWIFT’ e-training.

Benefits of Alliance Lite2:

  • The easiest way to connect to SWIFT;
  • Single and direct communications channel to more than 10,000 financial institutions worldwide;
  • Easy to use, with full service packages;
  • Cost effective: minimum upfront investment, low monthly fees, no infrastructure to maintain.

Alliance Remote Gateway

Fully operated by SWIFT, this subscription-based service lets you connect Alliance Access or Entry directly to SWIFT without needing your own Alliance Gateway, SWIFTNet Link and HSMs.

Alliance Remote Gateway lets you focus on your core business and reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) for messaging-related activities while keeping your on-premises SWIFT interface.

SWIFT experts configure Alliance Remote Gateway in line with your requirements, and you continue to run Access or Entry at your premises – retaining full control over configuration, integration and message storage. All Alliance Access and Entry features remain available, including message entry and display, routing, operator definitions, scheduling, and printing, as well as access to SWIFTNet services.

Benefits of Alliance Remote Gateway:

  • Reduced cost and complexity;
  • Maximum control over your Alliance Access or Entry installation;
  • Keep data control and flexibility while letting SWIFT host technical components;
  • Frees up internal resources for core activities;
  • Fully SWIFT-managed and operated.

Alliance Lifeline

Alliance Lifeline is a cost-effective service that enables you to keep on using SWIFT if your standard connection becomes unavailable. Easy to activate, it lets you exchange messages and use SWIFT services until your SWIFT connection becomes operational again. Alliance Lifeline is a ‘cold standby’ service based on Alliance Lite2 and provides an additional SWIFT connection on top of your existing back-up infrastructure.

It includes a user interface, SWIFT connection, and related services. The user interface is always available, but your connection to SWIFT is not active under normal conditions. If your primary SWIFT connection becomes unavailable, you simply ask SWIFT to activate your Alliance Lifeline connection. SWIFT will activate Lifeline after validating the request in line with standard security procedures. Your Lifeline connection is operational within 90 minutes.

Alliance Lifeline lets you connect to SWIFT from a PC or laptop and exchange messages and files. You can connect via internet from any location using the secure USB tokens, or use your Alliance Connect SWIFT VPN connection. SWIFT will deliver messages and files received from your counterparties during the period between when your primary connection went down and your Lifeline connection was activated. Alliance Lifeline supports basic message reconciliation. You can request to receive over your Lifeline connection a report of the last messages exchanged before the outage. You can also request a copy of all messages exchanged over Lifeline during the outage.

The standard Alliance Lifeline offering requires you to ask SWIFT to activate your connection. SWIFT also offers an optional Premium service whereby your connection is always active to send messages. This gives you additional flexibility and further reduces activation time in case your standard connection becomes unavailable. The daily usage fee will apply for each day that you send or receive messages. Alliance Lifeline Premium is available to all Lifeline customers.

Benefits of Alliance Lifeline:

  • Exchange SWIFT messages when your standard SWIFT connection is unavailable;
  • Robust, easy-to-use SWIFT connection and messaging interface;
  • All SWIFT message and file types, standards, and Browse services;
  • Always ready, activated on demand;
  • Optional Premium Service.


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