The INTIX Message Archive offers the opportunity to financial institutions to access all their financial messaging data, independent of the messaging standards used. It provides a single window on all messaging data exchanged, external and internal.


  • Contains all functions of the INTIX Message Archive module
  • Out-of-the-box integration packs available for SWIFTAlliance, AMH and Lite2
  • Turn your big messaging data into valuable information
  • Customizable and dynamic dashboards on all your messaging data
  • Aggregated reports with export function (Excel & Pdf)
  • Providing valuable insight in all your messaging data
  • Summarize your activity in analytical dashboards


Financial institutions own large amounts of data, which requires them to perform queries for historical data. They must also generate various reports to meet regulatory compliance requirements (Auditing, Central banks, EMIR standards, FINTRAC, etc.). Financial institutions must be aware of receiving large amounts of transactions to speed the Straight-Through Processing (STP) settlement process or be notified of events occurring in the System Log. For all these reasons, financial institutions have to know their current positions in real time to make the right business decisions.


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