TLM Recs, TCM, TLM Cash&Liquidity management

TLM Reconciliations-Premium is a single reconciliations solution providing enterprise wide, transaction lifecycle management. Its pre-configured approach to delivering best practice reconciliations ensures costs are reduced as firms gain more efficient, cost-effective transaction managementprocesses in a timelier manner.


As a financial institution, you handle multiple to thousands of commercial and/or treasury payments per day.  At the same time you are more and more challenged by a growing number of industry regulations such as SEPA, MiFID, etc., which force you to produce payments always more efficient and generate accurate and timely regulatory reports in addition.


According to the results of research in the SWIFT world's largest financial institutions, on average, about 5% of banking transactions require the investigation, what is spent up to 20% of the resources.


The INTIX Message Monitor provides a real-time view on all messaging flows. It will signal exceptions and anomalies in the message flows. It will use predictive models to know what to expect. The INTIX Message Monitor exploits the richness in messaging data managed by the INTIX Message Suite to monitor the message flows in real-time.


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